Organized by the Association of Doctoral candidates and Doctors of Alsace
30 Nov 2017 Strasbourg (France)



The Association of Doctoral candidates and Doctors of Alsace organises the 1st edition of Career symposium in Strasbourg on November 30th, 2017. It will be an afternoon dedicated to conferences and discussions focused around career development for PhDs. Students can get a validation for their socio-professional hours!


Many PhD candidates want to pursue an academic research career, and thus engage in one or several post-docs. However, despite the exponential growth in number of PhDs worldwide, the number of permanent research positions remained nearly constant over the past decades. Thus, only a small fraction of PhDs can actually reach a principal investigator or professor position. Despite this situation, most of the PhDs choose to pursue a postdoc after their graduation, and many do not think strategically enough in order to maximise their chances to be successful. Consequently, many well-deserving postdocs end up either stuck in an unstable postdoc position or decide to leave academic research unwillingly.

Goals :

The goal of this symposium is to provide PhD candidates and young postdocs with all the information at an early stage in their career which would enable them to proactively plan their career while making important contributions in the advancement of science. This includes giving a clear situation of the job market in academia today, what means career planning, explaining how to choose the right lab for a postdoc, what makes a good post-doc, getting ready to be a PI and sustaining a lab.

To achieve this goal, we have invited eminent researchers from diverse fields and at different stages of their career for panel discussions and a networking cocktail. We invite you to join us for this event and proactively engage with successful researchers in an informal environment, ask questions and learn from their experiences.


November 30th

Collège doctoral européen, Strasbourg

2 to 6.30PM + Networking cocktail untill 8PM


Registration details:

- Free of charge for the symposium (mandatory registration)

- Networking cocktail : 5€

- Registration deadline : November 27th noon!

- 60 slots available only!

- Addal membership not required, but if you would like to adhere it's here: Adhesion !


We can't wait to see you all at the event!


On behalf of the organizing team,

The Association of Doctoral candidates and Doctors of Alsace




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